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Participatory Projects

Underwater Picnic

Over the course of three days in the summer of 2005 Platform 4 worked with 22 Year 1 children to create a very special installation for Bevois Town Primary School’s Pond Garden

What can we hear in the pond?
Frogs being damaged. Birds. Sharks in the Pond. Fish being Dead. Frogs Croaking. Butterflies. Dragonflies. Monsters. Trees Moving. People Talking. Leaves being Stepped On.

People dump rubbish in the pond.
Signposts. A Trolley. An upturned Dustbin.

What can we see in the pond?
Tigers. Lily Pads. Fishes. Octopuses. A Toad. A Water Bug. Ninja Turtles. A Starfish. A Dolphin.

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PLATFORM 4 is a Registered Charity. Charity Number 1177556.