For the first time Platform 4 artists worked on a Shakespeare text. The Tempest Project started in 2008 with Research and Development involving students from University of Winchester working with members of The Chesil Theatre Amateur Dramatics.

In 2009 we started previews in partnership with Lighthouse: Poole's Centre for the Arts and then embarked on an Autumn Tour followed by some high profile Spring 2010 dates. In all we played to over 4000 people.

This beautiful stripped down interpretation of the play cut to the heart of the work - with 3 actors, exquisite images and multi-layered sound-scapes. It was, at the same time, a meditation on the nature of theatre and performance.

"This stripped down version delivers the play as a waking dream and draws on Platform4's strong visual approach to create a piece of theatrical rough magic."
- Lyn Gardner The Guardian

"This was no reduced Shakespearian comedy of brevity but an innovative and polished distillation of The Tempest's core elements. The eerie tone of Shakespeare's desert island discordance remained in tact, compelling and fresh."
- Leicester Mercury

"Platform 4 have delivered a poignant and wondrous work of intellectual puzzlement and satisfaction. This is Shakespeare pared right down, but what is left is startling and beautiful".
- Theatre Wales

"There are ideas aplenty here; there are intelligence, rigour and elegant answers to the questions that Shakespeare's late play throws up...overall it's a very stimulating experience in the theatre."
- Reviewsgate

"If you must be shipwrecked, the tide can sweep you to fewer more beguiling landfalls than Platform 4's magical shore."
- Portsmouth News

"I thought that was one of the best Shakespeare productions I've ever seen..Superb. Very pleased my 12 year old came to see this as their first experience of Shakespeare" "The best Tempest I've ever seen."
- Audience at Poole Previews.

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REVIEWSGATE by Mark-Courtice
The Portsmouth News By Lucy Flannery
Riverfront Newport Reviewed by Chris Paul




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