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The Paper Forest

This was Platform 4's first show and starred Oliver Parham of KAOS UK. It toured the South and South West to great acclaim in summer 1998.

Christmas 1939. An artist has fled to the forests around Berlin to escape the Nazis. Inside these forests we watched his dreams and visions:

A German Soldier danced to Jazz...
A Cowboy rode the range in Wyoming..
Anna Blume appeared and disappeared..

How do you unlock the stories from behind a broken light switch, a discarded cinema ticket and a half smoked cigarette?

What happens to the rubbish in a crumbling civilisation?

These questions and others were touched upon in this fantastical theatre-journey.

This piece drew on the life and work of the Dada artist: Kurt Schwitters.

“I was very impressed by the company, Platform 4 make work that deserves to be widely seen” Theatre Assessment, Arts Council England

The Paper Forest


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