With Stars and The Garden Project we worked with children from the special unit at Hilitingbury Infants with each child having a mainstream 'buddy'.

In "Stars" we created a snowscape and dressed the children up as silly snowmen with red noses and crazy costumes! Someone had left some magical boxes in the snow and we enjoyed opening them and finding furry animals and lots of sticky stars to decorate the all white space.We danced to twinkling stars sounds and relaxed to Ice Chill Out music.

After the snowscape was covered in stars we dressed up and danced around with the shadows behind a special snow screen.

In January 2004, Platform 4 created a fantastical garden environment for a similar group and ran a series of workshop within it.

Making flowers, Catching fish, Creating seed packets,
Dancing and Decorating,
Watching the Weather,
Planting loads of lettuce,
Seeing ourselves in lots of strange places...

"The spectacular setting - the snow scene on the darkened stage – had the children (and me) spellbound." - Teacher, Hiltingbury Primary School.

"It was a wonderful opportunity for me as a teacher to work with professionals from the drama/art field and it has given me some ideas to us in school to brighten up my teaching!" - Teacher, Hiltingbury Primary School.

"Making shadows using simple props - was ideal for the children with speech and language difficulties as it meant they were able to fully participate without any pressure. In actual fact some were quite vocal and my assistant said she had never heard a particular child chatter so much!" - Teacher, Hiltingbury Primary School



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