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Participatory Projects


Our Kingdom Project

Platform 4 and St Monica’s Junior School Geography Department created


A dream land…. A parallel universe…. Where we all live…

With Year 5 pupils P4 spent four months working on creating three communities within OUR KINGDOM : the Wes –se lake people, the Hakui people and the Sea Squirts.

We spent time making music for our communities with Keith and his amazing flutes and saw how children in other countries use what we would consider ‘rubbish’ to make instruments. We learnt chants, acted out our own myths for each community and wrote stories in our special newspaper; we made up dances and improvised to Keith playing the flute, we built amazing fish traps and bird boxes and we even made giant power stations and places to worship.

Some of us were Highland dwellers….

Some of us were Coastal dwellers….

Some of us were City dwellers…

The children also made their own Our Kingdom Diary Room where they could evaluate the project for themselves -

Lord of the Flies meets Big Brother OR an exercise in creating the perfect community? Well, it became a bit of both at times!

We finished the project with a taster of some of the work we had done, with parents, teachers, artists and children all seated around our gigantic floor cloth we came together to celebrate – the floor cloth represented our kingdom and documented the journey we had all gone on.

We then produced our own Lonely Planet type guide to the Kingdom so other schools could see what we had done and the children had a record of the project.

Click here to download the map.



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