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Participatory Projects

Tour Outreach Programme

Platform 4 aims to create environments that surround and envelop an audience with sound, light and scene from the moment they walk into the space. A characteristic of the work is the immediacy of direct address, quirky movement and dances interspersed with sequences that use scenography for visual effect.


Workshops and Residencies

Platform4 deliver workshops and residencies that run parallel to their touring productions, looking at the rehearsal process and physical ways into text.


The Visitation of Mr Collioni
In 2004, during the Visitation of Mr Collioni Tour, Platform 4 spent a residency week at The Arc Theatre, Trowbridge as part of their Sparking Out project.

The actors created a piece called “My Angel” with the youth theatre which shared a platform performance with Platform 4 at the end of the project.

" Platforms 4's responsiveness to the needs of the Arc's Sparking Out project allowed the young people to explore the themes of 'The Visitation of Mr Collioni' and develop a range of devising and physical theatre skills through a well structures and excellently delivered residency project." Deryck Newland, Director, Arc Theatre Trowbridge


In 2005, Artistic Director, Catherine Church and the Actors from the cast of Claustrophobia were commissioned to create a residency at Lighthouse, Poole’s Centre for the Arts as part of their series of The Engine workshops for young playwrights.

Ambitious, young people aged 15 to 25 years were encouraged to join the project,, bursting to develop their writing skills for theatre were encouraged to join the project.

Councillor Tony Woodcock, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Learning, said: “This is a marvellous and exciting opportunity for young people who are keen to get involved with theatre and the arts. There is a tremendous amount of talent out there among our young people and I’m sure that with the help of professionals the engine will go from strength to strength.”

"Fascinating and enchanting - so useful and the workshop was so beneficial to our students." Barbara Brann, Drama Teacher Bournemouth School for Girls. 

“The play both fascinated and confused our students, which is exactly what we hoped. Coming as they do from a background of story as naturalistic and based on simplistic linear narrative it was really inspiring for them to see something that made them think. Your use of the intimate space and the way you play with time and character continue to engage and inspire me.” Jeremy Graves - Drama teacher St Peter's School.

“Thoroughly enjoyed both workshop and show. The workshop in particular challenged a very able group of students who were focused throughout and who were able to produce some exciting work themselves. The evening performance was visually exciting, clever and again, challenging.”

Sian Evans, Ryde School, Isle of Wight

PLATFORM 4 is a Registered Charity. Charity Number 1177556.