New Tempest Club started as a reading club - a place to come together and read Shakespeare and then make a show! It is evolving and developing in partnership with the University of Winchester into 2013/14 but for images and info from past NTC productions see below.

"I became involved in New Tempest Club in my first year of University. Back then in late 2009 it was simply 'Tempest Club', a group that met regularly to read and discuss Shakespeare together. Our reading groups progressed and soon there were plans in place to put on a performance. We have since created versions of The Tempest, The Comedy of Errors and Hamlet. Being a part of New Tempest Club has helped me develop as an actor and as a person and has provided opportunities that wouldn't have otherwise come my way. Whether it be reading Shakespeare in the pub or performing it in local venues around The South, New Tempest Club has always been a fun, enriching and worthwhile experience." - Craig Chalmers


New Tempest Club in association with Platform 4 presents a fresh, exciting and humorous adaptation of William Shakespeare's 'Pericles'.

This is a dramatisation of an ancient story, the reincarnation of legendary people, and a vision of suffering and rebirth. This is the story of a man who succumbs to the will of the gods and his daughter who does not; a tale of incestuous tyrants and dark assassins, shipwrecks, kidnappings, and slavery.

For the past 5 years the Platform 4 creative team has been working with a new generation of young performers, we are proud to share another gem from this collaboration.

New Tempest Club brings you emerging talent, its trademark strong visuals, and a multi-layered soundscape in an intelligent and intimate production of a classic.

"Platform 4's strong visual approach creates theatrical rough magic." - The Guardian




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