Winter/Spring 2015

Well here we are back to wrapping up against the chilly wind, getting cosy in the office and returning to updates and climbing into planning mode.

2014 was a super year – a year of firsts. First time we were ‘in residence’ on the South Bank with Memory Points, first time we hit London and felt like a bit of a ‘hit’ and first time we received a four star review from the renowned Lyn Gardner. For that matter first time we were chosen to be one of the Top 10 pieces of theatre in the UK no less …!

Now back to reality – funding applications, daydreaming and sowing seeds for projects in 15/16.

Joseph Roth’s 1930’s short story: The Legend of the Holy Drinker is a piece that Simon has been wanting to make for, well forever. We finally got round to doing some research on it with some extremely talented people, puppeteers and performers in January and this completes in March down in Lighthouse Poole. We would love you to come along and see the work in progress at 7.30 pm ( check exact time) on Thursday March 19th in the studio. We are laying on nibbles and wine too! Really happy to be able to give talented new comers a chance too – Mark Flynn was able to help us with documenting the research here and I will be putting some of his films up on the website as soon as the R and D is over.

We are planning to return to the South Bank towards the end of this year (August – September) to become (everything crossed for this one ) the last performers to perform on the South Bank QEH / Purcell Room spaces before refurbishment. A historic and rather wonderful thing – an exclusive chance to go back into the building once its closed to say goodbye, with a special return run of Memory Points.
We will be able to confirm this, plus an exciting new commission from the South Bank “Blessings” and a book to commemorate all these happenings – very soon…

We also working with Nicky Bellenger, one of our Associate Artists and with Dr Ruth Bartlett at the University of Southampton on a ‘Favourite Film Club’ project for people in Southampton affected with dementia – kind of an intimate Secret Cinema (without the ticket prices!) – more to come soon.

New Tempest Club is now developing into its own funding driven entity and this year they are reworking an old hit with a fresh take/bit of a mash up of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet in April and June this year and in partnership with the University of Winchester.

I am moonlighting again by directing two solo pieces for two really great young performers: for the very beautiful Hayley Barker – one of the Associate Artists at the Point, Eastleigh, on her first solo dance piece – a magical mini- circus tent with a dancing girl inside – just for you. This is planned for Eastleigh Unwrapped and for Festival touring. It will have sounds and musical accompaniment by Mr Jules Bushell, our very own ringmaster on his double bass!
..and for Mr Craig Chalmers whose solo piece: The Craig Chalmers Experience combines slapstick, some strange goings on with a marimba or is it a xylophone? He sings, he dances the robot dance and he attempts some high wire acts involving live poetry readings …watch this space!