The Beauty of Remembering


I first got involved in Memory Point(s) last April when the show debuted at The Point in Eastleigh. The project came to my attention after Catherine Church sent an e-mail to one of my lecturers seeking ‘quirky-looking and reliable performers’, I don’t think we were supposed to hear that description but I put myself forward nonetheless and I’m glad I did. Memory Point(s) was completely different to anything I had done before; there wasn’t a lot of traditional ‘acting’ to be done here, the requirement instead to be but a gentle hand to guide people around mysterious and winding spaces, stopping to see pictures, hear sounds and experience the memories of others whilst creating your own. It was fantastic and I was happy to hear that there were plans for the show to tour and that I was still to be involved in my actor/guide guise.


Fast forward 14-15 months and Memory Point(s) is back and about half way through it’s run at the Theatre Royal Winchester. I had wondered initially how Cath and co were going to make the show work in Winchester. Moving Memory Points from venue to venue takes far more work than a standard end-on piece of theatre. With Platform 4’s creation new routes have to be devised and the soundtrack altered and added to accordingly but I am pleased to report that they’ve done a splendid of job retro-fitting the piece to the nooks and crannies of the Theatre Royal. It manages to retain all of it’s original intimacy and subtlety and gain something in the process, it seems to me that rather than Memory Points being better or worse in any one venue it is instead a different experience at each stop. Themes, images, sounds and events recur, but the buildings and spaces we explore are so different that tours in each venue hold their own special nuances. Of course, we are only in our second venue so this may all be too speculative but I think it will ring true in the upcoming months when Memory Points visits the Poole Lighthouse, Brighton and The Southbank Centre in London.

Feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive and I urge you to come and see it, there are still just a few tickets left (I think!). Reviews both local and national have been very good indeed, the links to which can be found below:


That’s all from me for now, expect more on Memory Point(s) very soon. Until then, cheers.

Craig Chalmers