Spring has sprung! We are gearing our creative juices for Spring and Summer P4 type activities.

Twelfth Night

Welcome to Illyria; to shipwreck and survival, plots and intrigue, love and desire, cross-dressers and clowns.

For the past 5 years the Platform 4 creative team has been working with a new generation of young performers, we are proud to share another little gem from this exciting collaboration.

Platform 4 brings you fresh emerging talent, its trademark strong visuals and a multi-layered soundscape in an


• Fri 13th June Winchester Performance Gym 7.30pm

• Monday 16th June Proteus Theatre Creation Space Council Road Basingstoke Festival 7.30pm

• Wed 18th June West End Centre Aldershot 7.30pm

• Thurs 19th June Winchester Discovery Centre 7.30pm

• Fri 20th June Pound Arts Corsham 7.30pm

Memory Points hits the SOUTH BANK LONDON from the 8 – 17 AUGUST 2014

More detailed info soon on both our and the South Bank’s website but we will be there for the first two weeks and tickets will go on sale soon when the FESTIVAL OF LOVE of which we are one of the key events is launched. Our Memory Points Podium will be there from June – August in the Royal Festival Hall as part of the permanent exhibition for the Festival.

Nicky Bellenger

One of the most rewarding parts of being the AD of Platform 4 is I can support some really exceptional young people. One of these is the rather fantastic Nicky Bellenger who has (I like to think) grown up with the company and myself over the last 5 years – she is now such a creative, thoughtful artist who continues to teach me things – she was a core artist for the making of Memory Points and has recently been to a Creative Dementia Conference that was held in Oxford in her capacity as one of our Associates. As a result of this and her thoughts on working in this area she has written this document – really worth a read. Click here