Spring /Summer 2016

News from the Platform 4 as the daffodils sigh gently in the breeze.

We are slowly getting ready for new projects and a new commission for the South Bank Centre.

If all goes to plan our new installation piece working title: “Eddy Smith Was Here” – will be launched this June on the South Bank.

14 very special B/W portraits and 14 very special sound ‘portraits’ to match them from photographer Dominic Old and Musician/Composer Pete Flood.

We are going to start research on End of the Pier Troupes and attempt to perhaps get our Memory Points Band together to complete the second phase of our Festival Wing Project.

The Legend of the Holy Drinker completed its tour to grand acclaim – I think it deserves a much wider audience and a large tour for the future.

Our Memory Points Books are still on sale! We had a request from Liverpool University Library recently for a couple of copies and we will be seeing if anymore libraries in the UK want to acquire them in order to generate another stream of revenue for this year.

2016 marks the 18th year of Platform 4 in all our guises – lets hope that the Arts Council smiles on us in the next year as we continue to make intimate, beautiful, highly visual performance and cross art ‘experiences’.

Thanks so much for your support, interest and love in the past year.

all of us from here there and everywhere as Platform 4