Spring Lights

Tea for two

Hello! Not too much happening at the moment but slowly cogs are whirring and things are starting up again, but until then let us celebrate the announcement of Memory Points coming to the South Bank Centre this August with… a poem. (What else!) I wrote this one when the show visited Winchester; I was hesitant to post it online before this but recently it gained Cath’s seal of approval so here it is! (I hope you like it).


Tea for Two:


Choice phrases

And better beginnings

Whisper at me

In the toil of head and bed.

Gone before I can reach

A pen

Or a friend.


Simple acts of forgetting

Not often enough to worry me.


I’ve seen where it goes,

These two weeks,

I have memories

Pointing, lending an ear

To what’s gone before.


Flashbulb or distorted

The long-term stays with them,

But five minutes ago is a void.

Will they remember

The call to the running tide?

Or the lingering squeak of

Danny Boy’s violin string.

Maybe the smells of the floral office

Will stay with them,

Or neat and smiling shapes

In twelve lockers.


But if they can’t tell you

What happened in the last

Five minutes,

I will tell others

Five decades from now

That 15 faded brains

Sang with us,

Cheered encore

And danced ballroom or waltz,

Centre stage

Lives in a picture frame,


With tea for two,

A boy for you,

A girl for me,

Can’t we see how happy they have been?


That’s all for now, expect updates on New Tempest Club and my one-man musings soon.