My Face


Hello again,

Just a brief post this time. It has come to my attention that anyone reading may wish to know what I look like. Now, I take a lot of photographs but take very few of myself but thankfully I have found something suitable! Not a photo I took but one by a Mr Elliot Newton who took some production shots for us last year during work on New Tempest Club’s┬áversion of The Comedy Of Errors.

It’s just up there, below the title, and it should be said that this is an incredibly flattering shot of my face, side on like this seems okay, but front on and things become a bit wonky. But ne’ermind, it is still my face. That’s me on the left and my good friend Tom on the right.

Righto, watch this space for the first post detailing two weeks of jam-packed Hamletting.

Thanking you,

Craig Chalmers