Memory Points Rides South

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Hello, it’s been rather a while since my last post and many banal and a few very interesting things have happened since then, but I shan’t bore you with the details other than to say, I moved house! Then Memory Points Poole happened and ever since I’ve been trying to pay the bills and get by. Success so far, just about.

In this blog I offer not a look ahead to the Poole Lighthouse, but a look back at what was a brand new location for the Memory Points tour to explore. Just being busy has changed this entry from speculation to a retrospective.


The biggest difference at the Poole Lighthouse in comparison to the previous two venues was its sheer size. In Eastleigh and Winchester we were in theatres with just one dedicated performance space and all the corridors, nooks and crannies that go with it, but the Lighthouse is a building with a main theatre, concert hall, studio theatre, gallery, cinema, rehearsal spaces, conference rooms and countless other hidden places I may never have found. Mercifully the tour didn’t take in all of these areas but even in using what we did made for the longest and most confusing tour route yet. At times The Poole Lighthouse Labyrinth seemed more appropriate.

However we soon knew the route inside out and it made for possibly the best Memory Points tour yet, it was certainly my favourite. Poole itself is a seaside (well, quayside) town and from the very beginning of the tour you could see and hear real seagulls alongside those heard in the headphones. ¬†As we ¬†listened – “I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky”, real gulls echoed these sentiments as they swooped and dived through the clouds. Quite the perfect start if ever there was one.


But I won’t recount the tour step by step, hopefully you remember it for yourself! Ultimately, The Poole Lighthouse served as a wonderful platform for the show but can it be bettered? I wonder what Brighton and London (fingers crossed!) have in store for us. What’s more the show proved itself as a thoughtful and evocative piece once again. One of the best parts, for me, has been at the very end when the public have a chance to tell us what they thought about the experience and share with us stories of their own memories, some write this down, others love to chat. I can say with confidence that many people were touched by the show and I’ve been touched too. I feel increasingly lucky to be a part of Memory Points, so thank you to all those involved in creating it and to every single person who has come to see it so far. You all make it special. I leave you with a few choice images of some of my favourite parts of the tour this time around.


Above: One of the Lighthouse’s sometimes eerily similar corridors.

Below: Retrace your steps




Above: Doodling

Below: A view from the quayside




Above: Pete’s beaters

Below: Paradise Gardening, Tea For Two & Frags


Below: Endearing messages



I’ll be back with talk of New Tempest Club and my one-man project soon.

Until then, cheers.