Good Tidings?

Hello and welcome to 2014!

A new year is upon us again and looking ahead there may be a lot to be excited about in the theatre world! But first a small apology from myself; I haven’t been blogging regularly enough but the Christmas period was very busy indeed! Alas, when I did try I encountered some problems, that is, the images I’ve been uploading are apparently too large (pixels!) and now as I blog further and insert more images the pictures from previous blogs are disappearing! This put me in quite a mood. The fix is to re-size the images and re-insert them and get rid of the old ones from the system so as to make some space. (Or something like that). In short, I’m a little confused but will fix it. However, so as not to lose any more pictures this blog will be completely free of them, until it’s all sorted. I also had a Christmas-themed poem for you, but it may be a little out of context now. Perhaps I’ll pop it in at the end of the post.

Now, onwards… In November and December of last year work re-commenced apace on my potential one-man show. Myself and Catherine Church had one solid session a week, (me as performer & Cath as director). Whilst this might not sound like a lot it’s been an excellent start to what could be a very interesting project. I was worried beforehand, thinking that one man-shows could only ever be about the self, therefore they are all somehow arrogant and egotistical. Of course, this is not so, everything depends upon how you approach your subject matter, what you want to say and how you execute it. So far it’s been fun; it’s always a pleasure to get back into a rehearsal room, it can be too easy to forget how rewarding making theatre is when you’re away from it for so long (I never wanted to make cheese sandwiches and skinny lattes for a living – but it pays the rent!) Just being allowed to play, create and devise has been refreshing and hopefully given another few months will prove rewarding too. We have about 20 minutes of material so far, so watch this space.

Elsewhere, the next project from New Tempest Club is looking likely to be Twelfth Night (though Measure for Measure continues to intrigue us). NTC is growing too, with some 4 or 5 new members looking to be involved in the latest Shakespeare offering. The end of last year saw three lively readings, namely Twelfth Night, Macbeth and Measure for Measure. The new year will continue in much the same fashion, with readings in interesting spaces as we begin to create our chosen project in tandem. But before that, this Thursday brings an opportunity for extended discussion and analysis with an all-day session booked from 10am – 5pm. I strongly suspect that we will have made our final decision after this.

Alas (alack, forsooth!) that’s about all I have for you for now. I hope you’ve enjoyed my ramblings and soon enough I’ll have fixed the problem with the images –  this post needs a bit more colour! I’ll leave you, as promised with that vaguely festive, not all that good, flowery poem I mentioned at the head of the post. It would have made far more sense posted just before Christmas, sitting snugly in context but never mind, it is yours to judge now instead.

Thanks for reading and happy new year,

Craig Chalmers



Tis the season again,

When whether you believe or no,

You will take.

You will buy a stake.


You’ll have at the colours,

And the liquids,

And the solids,

And wrap ever larger the largess.


The message is good,

But the scripture is hard,

Lost in lights

As you send another card,

Twenty and five is the greatest excuse

For friends, excess and lard.


But on that morning at least,

The sun will beat its breast,

And for a few turns of sand in glass,

You can forget,

You can be happy…


Tis the season again,

Whether you believe or no.