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Our Hamlet - Tom Preston

Hello again,

So here we are, two weeks in and two weeks to go before New Tempest Club stage their work-in-progress showing of Hamlet. It’s been a busy schedule, 9 full days in the rehearsal spaces so far and what do we have? Possibly not yet half a show. Studying the play in such detail recently has made be realise more than ever just how dense and rich Hamlet is, it’s a thick text, 4 and a half hours played at full length. Our version will be much shorter of course (80-90 mins maximum) but as of the end of this week we’ve only cut and acted to the end of Act 2.

I don’t wish to sound negative, this project is brilliant! I just hope we as a group can do ourselves justice. We began numbering 12 performers but swiftly and bizarrely lost 4 people in the space of the first week. But this doesn’t concern me too much, while our numbers are down I believe the people that we have can and will push themselves to create the best show possible with the time and resources we have. But in losing performers, we gained one; Simon Plumridge our director/designer/maker extraordinaire has agreed to tread the boards once more more and become the ghost of King Hamlet. Couple this with the enduring expertise and guidance of Helen Grime and Sian Radinger and the group is in safe hands. And a special mention need go to Mr Tom Preston, our Hamlet, who is doing a sterling job so far and whom I know will be excellent on the night.


This post feels a little like the play now, I’ve given you a lot of details but have only just scratched the surface of what there is to tell. (I must be less verbose than Polonius!). What I must say is how pleased I am with some of the ideas and scenes we do have. Tonally, it’s a touch erratic, but there’s never a moment of boredom, each scene so far brings something new, (not totally original or a blinding new reading of the play) just interesting versions of characters and moments that should keep the audience with us for the duration of the show. This, if it can continue is something we can be proud of.

That’s all I have for now, watch this space for something a little more specific and a little less vague next time. Maybe I’ll share my musings on playing Claudius, in short- I like it!


Craig Chalmers

My Face


Hello again,

Just a brief post this time. It has come to my attention that anyone reading may wish to know what I look like. Now, I take a lot of photographs but take very few of myself but thankfully I have found something suitable! Not a photo I took but one by a Mr Elliot Newton who took some production shots for us last year during work on New Tempest Club’s version of The Comedy Of Errors.

It’s just up there, below the title, and it should be said that this is an incredibly flattering shot of my face, side on like this seems okay, but front on and things become a bit wonky. But ne’ermind, it is still my face. That’s me on the left and my good friend Tom on the right.

Righto, watch this space for the first post detailing two weeks of jam-packed Hamletting.

Thanking you,

Craig Chalmers

It’s Time The Tale Were Told

Hello! This is my first blog post to the website, so bear with me, I’m still getting to grips with things.

I’m Craig Chalmers, I graduated from the University of Winchester last year and have since been hanging around the city taking photos, writing poetry and helping out Cath and Simon where I can. And, as of very recently I have been lucky enough to be awarded a paid internship with Platform 4 through the Creative Employment Programme. It’s brilliant news for me and I am so thankful to those who made it happen.

This means I’ll be involved in three projects, New Tempest Club’s Hamlet, Platform 4’s Memory Points and an event/show of my own design. It’s an exciting challenge, one I’ll throw myself into head first and through all the toil here’s hoping I’m standing at the end of it! Melodrama aside, it really is a great opportunity and I must thank Catherine Church directly for travelling to small rooms in Southampton and filling in tiresome and mundane forms for the chance to receive funding for someone like me to flop around the office and the rehearsal room. It really means a lot, thanks for suggesting it in the first place, for applying and for having faith in me. I’ve been slow but I’ll hurry up now.

Truly, thank you both.

So there you have it, post number 1, overview of the next few months. What follows will hopefully make interesting reading as I outline my experiences over the three projects and all the significant things that might happen in-between.

Thank you for reading this far, I leave you with a poem I wrote one sunny day in May.




Many boys in suits walk the cobbles,

Some in black, grey, dark blues.

I schooled in these colours

Further south (no cobbles there).

More Alumni lost at war than made their name.

It’s probably even here.

I’m not five years from it.

Blossom rests in these princes’ crowns,

Sun burns mine pink

As I move down from the pavement.

They’ll all look like me soon.

Playing middle-aged at 22,

Giving life a good go.


Craig Chalmers


Platform 4