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Past Productions

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3 Greek Myths
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Dr Heidegger’s Experiment

DR HEIDEGGER'S EXPERIMENT by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Dr Heidegger brings 3 elderly people into his magical study - a lecherous Colonel, a failed business man and a faded old beauty.

Dr Heidegger then allows each one to drink from the water of youth - the effects are amazing to behold! But they only last for a few hours!

Platform 4 tackled the themes of youth, age, lust and lewdness and came up with a dark experiment of eccentric proportions.

Ingredients included:
Madness and mayhem. Dancing and Danger Lust and Lewdness Cobwebs and Curiosities Magic books and Memories A Surreal Soundtrack First Class Physical Performers

This show reunited the same production team that brought you Animal Tales and 3 Greek Myths from a Lisbon Laundry. Regular P4 performer Vladimir Ilic played Colonel Grigorovich, Imogen Rodgers played Nadia Montpellier and Olly Parham played Neville Medbourne. It featured a stunning original soundtrack from P4 sound designer Jules Bushell, a dynamic set from Su Houser and inventive direction from Catherine Church.

“A compact marvel of intelligent and innovative physical theatre.” The Stage 02

“This was a production so striking one felt that the company would be fully justified in indulging in a little self promotion and move Platform 4 to 1” The Cornishman 02

Poetry from Dr Heidegger's Experiment

Dr Heidegger’s Experiment 2002


Dr Heidegger’s Experiment 2002


Dr Heidegger’s Experiment 2002


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