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Memory Points The legend of the holy drinker 'eddy smith was here' at the RFH
Invisible Music Memory Points at the South Bank Centre


'' concerts, violinists and flautists sway in mime, rapt to the sound of invisible music. Listening I hear differently".

We are excited to announce the premiere of Platform 4's new work before a National Tour in 2018.This is our first major project since the acclaimed Memory Points (The Guardian's Top 10 shows of 2015).

Pete Flood (arranger/percussionist with Bellowhead) and Jules Bushell, P4's long-term sound designer, collaborate to create a band full of acoustic experimental delight.

This sound- piece is inspired by a series of interviews the company made with members of Winchester's lip reading group.

What happens when the soundtrack to your life starts to change?

This will be a concert with a difference, an immersive, celebratory event: live music layered with exquisite audio snippets - come in, settle down with a drink and 'tune in' to an evening that promises to be beautiful, moving and evocative.


"Platform 4's remarkable collage-style promenade piece.". Lyn Gardner The Guardian on Memory Points