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"Eddy Smith Was Here" 14 Portraits in Photography and Sound

To mark the closure of the Festival Wing in 2015 Platform 4 undertook a series of conversations with people who had intimate connections with the building: the staff, past and present.

We asked them to think of a special place to be photographed, a place with a particular meaning to them; this choice often illuminated a different part of the building to us and also reflected something back about the person who chose it.

Look at the portraits and listen to our participants' words, brought to life through Pete Flood's music inspired by each person. Their words reveal unexpected stories, memories and feelings. What they all have in common is a deep love for London's 'South Bank Centre.'

To listen to the soundtrack to each portrait through your smartphone click here.

To see all the portraits taken for this project click here.

We are delighted to be starting our new South Bank Centre Commission to mark the Festival Wing Closure for 2 years of refurbishments.

We started our research for 'Eddy Smith Was Here' in 2015 with two special meals - a lunch and a dinner for existing and past employees of the SBC. The lunch and dinner enabled us to meet people with intimate connections to the building and gather their thoughts about it. Here is a short slideshow of images from these events.

We worked with the photographer Dominic Old to make commissioned portraits of 14 people who have a connection with SBC and stories and memories attached to one part of the Festival Wing Site - tunnels, auditoria, the foyet, or the outdoor spaces by the Festival Wing.

We are also starting to collect all this information through additional 'cup of tea dates' with our Associate Artist Nicky Bellenger. This additional research will be archived into the Royal Festival Hall ‘Temporary Archive Space' on Level 2 from October 2016.



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