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Day of the Triffids Mash Up



A Music/Sound Mash up inspired by Day of the Triffids

Premieres Theatre Royal Winchester 3/4 Sept 2020 - 7.30
Post show dsiccusion after the 3rd September

Please ring 07711809249 or go to to book tickets.


Click here to read this very special blog from our work experience intern Hannah.




With thanks for kind permission from Paper Lion Ltd and the John Wyndham Trust.

We are using sounds samples from 1950ís B Movies, combining them with audio from interviews from our local allotment and text from the novel - creating music and weird and wonderful sound worlds. We are even buying a Theramin - an instrument played with sound waves and some waving of the hands!



PLATFORM 4 is a Registered Charity. Charity Number 1177556.