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The Visitation of Mr Collioni
and other divine interventions

Angels take many forms. Or so we are told..a letter, a breath, a random act of kindness and extraordinary coincidence, or just plain luck. Roberto Collioni always suspected their existence and then he finds out for sure…

The Visitation of Mr Collioni toured the UK in Spring 2004 it was an angel filled fantasy bringing together the actor Colin Carmichael as the espresso bar owner, Roberto Collioni and the actress Sarah Thom as his waitress, Margaret.
It included:
Bosoms and bindings, sweet Italian cakes, virgin and vergers and luscious lingerie…

The show toured to fifteen venues around the country and spent 2 weeks in London. P4 delivered workshops that ran parallel to the tour and spent a residency week at The Arc , Trowbridge in April as part of their Sparking Out project. The actors created a piece called “My Angel” with the youth theatre sharing a platform performance with us.

"Platforms 4's responsiveness to the needs of the Arc's Sparking Out project allowed the young people to explore the themes of 'The Visitation of Mr Collioni' and develop a range of devising and physical theatre skills through a well structures and excellently delivered residency project." Deryck Newland, Director, Arc Theatre Trowbridge

“Beguiling Whimsy. Colin Michael Carmichael and Sarah Thom impress in their central roles: he turns the eccentric cafe owner into a touchingly forlorn figure; she's a memorable mixture of public dowdiness and seething private passion." The Times 04

"Platform 4 begs to be praised for their quirkiness.
Thom is excellent at suggesting the beating, passionate heart behind her drab overall; and Carmichael adds a twist of eccentricity as the lonely, haunted Collioni"
Time Out 04

“Zany, original and wholly absorbing piece of work." The Stage 04

Angel talk from the Visitation of Mr Collioni 2004

Angels take many forms


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