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Memory Points The legend of the holy drinker 'eddy smith was here' at the RFH
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BLISS Shiver Claustrophobia
The Visitation of
Mr Collioni
Dr Heidegger’s
3 Greek Myths
from a Lisbon Laundry
Animal Tales The Paper Forest


Programme note:

Over the years the company has taken inspiration from visual starting points:
from Joseph Cornell’s ready made boxes for Claustrophobia (04), Franz Marc’s postcards for Animal Tales (2000) to Portuguese tiles for 3 Greek Myths from a Lisbon laundry (2001). This show started simply from the word BLISS – I just love the sound of it! We then developed the story through research and development with the actors and writer by way of Hansel and Gretal, Adam and Eve, the Garden of Eden and The Wizard of OZ; but by far the largest influence on the piece was the artist Paul Klee.

Emma and Louis escape into BLISS  - but find it hard to run away from their past..
BLISS wouldn’t be BLISS if things never changed…

Catherine Church Artistic Director, P4



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