On an unusually rainy day in July 2006, Southampton Live Festival experienced our BLISS BOOTH! Once the rain and the wind had calmed down we managed to create a BLISSED OUT mood for many people who decided to relax within the BOOTH and / or just lie back in a deckchair and listen to the ambient sounds from our musicians, who filled the area outside Southampton Art Gallery with mellow layered guitar sounds...

Everyone that entered the booth was asked to write down what BLISS meant to them.

Can BLISS be experienced as if it is constant and everlasting - a stable state of being? In our research BLISS was many things to many people:

Calm open thoughts.

            A Balti (Veg) Pie at Edgeley Park.

     My baby's smile after a tough day.

      Sleeping after a long night.

Sitting on top of a mountain sharing a bar of chocolate.

                 A mirror Ball.

                       A hammock in a turquoise Turkish bay.

Being so in love and someone being so in love with you.

         Floating in a warm sea.



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