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Participatory Projects

Beach Beauties

a yellow stretch of sand......birds singing.......a quiet summers day.....until some very strange characters start appearing.......superheroes fighting......disco dancing nuns.…snorkels and surf boards... inflatable paddling pools and one gigantic tidal wave that turns everything upside down.

Platform 4's 4-day residency at Poole Arts Centre gave ten 12-15 yr old girls the chance to create a fantastical beach happening. Working with Platform 4's director and designer the girls were introduced to Platform 4's unique blend of movement/dance all set against a distinctive 'Beach Boys' soundtrack.

Created by Platform 4 commissioned by Lighthouse Poole centre of the Arts.

“Very enthusiastic and lively ~ would love to do some more”, Student

Beach Beauties

PLATFORM 4 is a Registered Charity. Charity Number 1177556.