Animal Tales allowed Platform 4 to work with the director Richard Cuming from fish productions and Zippos Circus. It was the first time that the actor, Vladimir Ilic from the National Theatre of Bosnia, worked with the company. Since then, Vlad has become a well known figure to Platform 4 audiences.

Animal Tales toured the South and South West in Autumn 2000 and was selected for Battersea Arts Centre's British Festival of Visual Theatre: a showcase for the best new visual theatre in Britain today.

Welcome to the magical land of Sindelsdorf!
A land created out of thin air!
Where animals crept from the woodwork and Toy soldiers strutted across the carpets.

Else has been playing chess...
Franz has been painting multi - coloured animals..
What happened when Franz started sending Else magical postcards?
Inspired by the relationship between the german expressionist painter, Franz Marc and the poet, Else Lasker-Schule.

Animal Tales featured postcards appearing out of the floor, furniture hanging and swinging from the ceiling, a distinctive soundtrack and the best in physical storytelling.

"A gem of a company" - Venue South West



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