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Inspired by the myth of Melusine
From the playwright Hattie Naylor.

Matthew is dead. The last guest has left the wake, leaving his parents and young fiancée, Gwendolyn in the family home. No-one is sleeping; left in an uneasy limbo they try to make sense of what has happened. Will the truth come out? Has Matthew disappeared completely and why is Gwen spending so much time in the bath? A stylish, beautiful piece of theatre that shows how grief can make monsters of us all....

(Shivering is the body’s response to lower body temperature and one of the beginning symptoms of hypothermia; you should end your dive if you begin to shiver).

"Shiver is a magnificent piece of magic realism with chic styling from Platform 4" Big Issue South West 2006

“Directed with a finely judged sense of poetic rhythm” The Stage 2006

"Shiver is haunting and mysterious....beautifully staged" Reviewsgate 2006

"An innovative and important piece of theatre" Hampshire Chronicle 2006

“Shiver is one of the finest studio productions I have seen in years” Southern Daily Echo 2006

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